Renovations are things that come with a myriad of options. Some of them are easy choices to make, while others are a bit more challenging. However, one issue with so many options for bathroom renovations Perth is that you have so many ways of taking bad ones.

While taste is a personal thing, and only a stylist will judge you for your ugly colour scheme if that’s your, there are bad choices. Many of these stem from practical concerns or pure logic.

Here are a few things you should never do when doing bathroom renovations Perth.

One mistake people make is to go with porous materials for their tiles. Think limestone and other natural stones. These absorb and stain more readily, which can be problematic if you don’t clean often and diligently.

You do not want a significant mould risk by carpeting the bathroom. Some people do this, for reasons that give more than a few people fits. Rugs designed for bathrooms are okay, but carpeting becomes hotbeds of mould infestations within a short time.

If you’re using old wiring, don’t retain it. It is best to upgrade the wiring during a renovation, so they can better handle current electrical consumption.

See that advice above about wires? The same thing applies to your pipes. Older pipes will need to be replaced for easier maintenance. It’s also an excellent time to check the plumbing for any weak points or leaks while you’re at it.

Placing accessories too high is a big no-no.

You want them high enough that they’re in a good position, but not so high that you can’t reach them. If you live with kids, this is even more challenging. You’ll need to adjust and play it by ear based on the heights of the people you live with.

Forgetting to make niches or alcoves for toiletries is also a bad idea.

This is something that most people don’t forget, but some do. The simple fact is that niches make for convenient storage space and shouldn’t be filled in when renovating a bathroom.

A good toilet is a sound investment. Spend money on one with a lot of power and durability, because it’s liable to see a lot of punishment and years of abuse.

Finally, don’t waste any space. Even if you have the most spacious bathroom in the world, wasting space is a terrible idea. Make the most of what you have. Otherwise, you might end up renovating again.

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