There are good options for small bathroom renovation Perth flooring. There’s plenty of them, in fact. However, whenever it is good, there is also something bad.

If you have a good bathroom designer, you can avoid using the worst of choices when it comes to flooring. After all, a bathroom has conditions that aren’t present in most other areas of the house.

For instance, you’re looking at a lot of moisture. Water is going to be omnipresent in any bathroom, and a lot of it will be on the walls and floor. If you choose the wrong flooring, you’re setting the room up to become a hotbed of water damage and all the side effects of it.

So let’s look at what the worst possible choices are out there.

Bad Choices

Carpeting is the lowest on the totem pole, the absolute worst choice.

Carpets retain moisture longer than anything else out there. It is slow to dry, especially so if you’re in a small bathroom. This makes it a terrible choice, even if you go with inorganic fibres. The retaining of moisture also means that you’re making a hotbed for mould and mildew.

The use of solid hardwood appeals to many people. Part of this is because it looks great in almost any other room. However, it’s a bad choice for bathrooms.

Hardwood has no protection from moisture, with the exception of the top coating. The water will get in there, work its way inside the material and then destroy it. The wood rots out, becomes a target for termite infestation, and decays prematurely.

You can try to mitigate the damage possible, of course. You need a perfect installation, having no gaps for moisture to penetrate. This is extremely difficult and potentially costly.

Linoleum isn’t a good choice, either. Yes, the oil-based nature of it does repel water better than some other materials. However, the seams it has will allow water to seep in. This will eventually lead to warping and separation.

Sheet linoleum has no individual tiles, which can reduce the problem. However, it’s much more expensive.

Finally, there’s concrete. Admittedly, most of your house is probably made of concrete. However, you do not want it exposed for your bathroom. The discomfort of using it is just one of the reasons to avoid its use.

You have the option of having it treated and sealed so it doesn’t feel like you’re showering in your driveway. However, it’s still not the best choice out there.

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