Are you selling your home? Do you want to get extra value out of it? Before you put it on the market, have some bath renovations done.

Now, you’re asking yourself, “Why upgrade the bathroom when I’m not going to be using it anymore?” Well, there’s more than one good reason bathroom renovations WA are a good idea. Read on, and we’ll break down why it might be smart for you to invest in a remodel.

First, bathrooms sell houses. You can add as much as 10% more value to your home.

Sure, you might think places like the bedroom or den would pack a punch. However, in most cases, what sells a property is the combo of bath and kitchen. Bath renovations can do wonders for making a home more appealing, even if it’s just a simple aesthetic upgrade.

Second, the current bathroom might need a remodelling or renovation.

It might be bad tiles. It might be old tiles. Something might be broken. The shower head or other fixtures may be in awkward places. The sink may take up more space than it should. All of these are just examples of sound reasons why a remodel is a necessity.

No one but the desperate will buy a bathroom that won’t work for their needs. If your bathroom fits that category, invest in bath renovations.

Third, bath renovations help you find little things you may have missed.

Sometimes, it’s a leaking pipe under the tiles. Sometimes, you realise there’s not a lot of shelf space, and that’s a problem to newcomers who aren’t used to it the way you are. As you renovate, demolish, and replace, you realise all the flaws in your bathroom.

Fixing these could improve your chances of a sale.

Fourth, bathtubs are strong selling points if you have space.

A modern, sleek shower sounds nice. However, for a family, a bathtub could be just as good. You might want to get rid of an old tub, but don’t replace it with only a shower. Include a different, more modern-looking tub along with the standing shower.

Yes, including both sounds expensive, but there’s a benefit. It provides potential buyers with the option to use one or the other. They don’t have to choose because a choice implies they’re giving one up for the other. The option means they get to have both, even if nine times out of ten they’re using the shower.

There you have it. Sound reasons to shell out cash for bath renovations before you sell the house.

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