Are you thinking of getting your bathroom redone? This is an opportunity to really show your skills and get that space looking the way you have always dreamed. The question is can you afford to get all the tweaks and changes you’re after?

Well, let us help.

We can’t tell you how much to spend- that’s up to you of course. But, what we can tell you is what you need to take into account as you figure out your budget.

If you don’t have a lot of money, compromise is key. Think about what elements are going to be crucial for your renovation. Think about what you can and cannot live without. These are the constraints that your budget must be built around.

Unless you DIY the renovation, you’ll be using a contractor or renovation crew. You’ll need to make an assessment of the work area, including whether or not you need a demolition done first.

In any renovation labour must be factored into the cost. The longer the job, the more money it will cost. Jobs like demolishing walls or replacing ghastly ceiling treatments can be costly. If you plan to have a lot of work done, be prepared to forkout a lot of cash on the labour.

To save on costs, try to stick to the current layout.

Toilet, sink, tub, shower. These are your basic bathroom fixtures. Don’t move a fixture if you don’t need to, and don’t re-map the pipes where it is unnecessary. Pick and choose your topmost priorities where changes are needed.

You must also consider how much the fixtures themselves will cost.

A beautiful glass vessel sink, while great to look at, will be very pricey. Perhaps you will need to sacrifice a nice new toilet for this luxury, or vice versa.

Let’s talk about the tiles next.

Tiling a bathroom can be a huge expense. The tiles themselves can be costly, along with the price of removing existing materials. One way to cut costs is to use expensive tiles – like iridescent glass mosaics– as part of a pattern with cheaper ones, like white porcelain.

There are other areas you can look at to reduce the price. A drop-in shower stall will mean less tiling. A total-body shower can also reduce the number of tiles you need.

Think about the countertops. These can break a budget just by size alone.

If you’re smart, you can get away with marble or granite. A single-sink setup won’t require a lot of stone. If you’re going for doubles, this will up the price. Sometimes, you can find “damaged” slabs for a lower price and without any obvious problems.

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