A bathroom remodel is intensive work. Even if you get the best budget bathroom renovations Perth has to offer, there’s a procedure involved that’s very intensive. In many cases, it’s also highly detail-oriented. To help you and your bathroom renovations Perth plans out, here’s a quick look at the steps.

Your first step when it comes to bathroom renovations Perth is demolition.

What is already there needs to be broken down, taken down, or removed, yes? This makes way not only for new fixtures but possibly a new layout, a new design. If you’re looking to save money, you can handle this part yourself instead of getting bathroom renovators Perth to do it.

Most of the time, what comes after the demolition is the shower and bath.

Why is this the case? Well, for starters, unless you’re going for a very intensive model, you know exactly where these two are going to go. The plumbing and space concerns pretty much limit your options. So once they’re in place, you know how much room you have to work with everything else.

Once the “locked-in” space is determined, then you can go with things like fixtures.

Sinks, cabinets, and the like should all be positioned according to the needs determined by what space is left after the shower. Your bathroom renovations Perth should also consider positioning concerns. How high should the storage areas be, relative to things like the bath, shower, or faucet?

After you have the fixtures and features, that’s when you start applying tiles.

Doing the tiling before everything else is a waste of time. You’ll end up breaking and re-doing areas where other things go. It’s best to have things like the toilet or sink in place, so you know exactly where and how to cut the tiles.

After the bathroom renovation team has let the tiles dry, that’s when you apply the paint.

Not all areas of the bathroom are covered in tile. It’s actually very rare for that to happen. The rest of the room is covered in paint, preferably the kind that’s waterproof. You want to do this after the tiling, so you’re not wasting money applying coats on spaces that will be covered anyway.

Once the walls and essentials are taken care of, that’s when you add extras and finishing touches.

You think about what kind of faucets to attach to the sink. What’s the design you want to have for the shower enclosure? How about the vanity? This is the last part, so you can personalize to a greater degree than the rest.

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