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Bathroom Renovations Perth
Bathroom Renovations Perth

Bathroom Renovations

The Devil is in the details. There is a lot of truth to that statement, and we here at Bathroom Renovations Perth WA know that it’s true for fixing up a bathroom.

Bathroom renovations have a lot of questions attached to them that most people don’t immediately consider. Think about it: the bathroom is a much more personal space than any other room in the house, even the kitchen or bedroom.

To help our clients along, we’ve included a few of the most recurring problems with bathroom renovations, whether in the Perth area or elsewhere. With this, we hope to make any improvement plans not only more comprehensive but also a smoother, easier process.

One question that some folks don’t think of asking during bathroom renovations is “How many people will be using it at once?”

If there’s going to be more than one person taking a shower at the same time, for instance, it might be a good idea to include extra shower heads and make the enclosure a lot bigger. The same goes for a bathtub.

How about an alcove for the toilet, so it has more privacy and doesn’t end up awkward when someone uses the shower at the same time?

Bathroom Renovations Perth WA also advises remembering ventilation, because you don’t want the air in the bathroom to stagnate.

Mind the height. Older homes might have a few quirks, like having a vanity that’s ideal for children but not so much for adults. Using bathroom renovations to update something to modern standards sounds great, and is something that Bathroom Renovations Perth WA does.

We can make it so that your vanity fits the current standard of 36 inches, or we can also design a custom one for you. If neither option sounds like your thing, we recommend a floating vanity that can be adjusted so you can place it at whatever height you feel is best for you.

We advise that you have a lot of support on the wall for this, to keep it from coming loose. There is also the significant consideration – the bathtub. Is it in a fixed location? Is it a separate tub? We at Bathroom Renovations Perth WA know that the answer to those questions is important when you renovate a bathroom.

If the tub is in a fixed spot, then you’re going to have to renovate around it if you don’t want to remodel the entire room. If you know that, you know what your limitations are when the time to restore arrives.

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