You might have a luxurious bathroom, lined with gold and precious metals. You might have a Spartan one, with basic white tiles and more function than form. You might have something in between. No matter what bathroom you have, they all have a few details in common.

One of them is the need for storage space.

For those who are about to get a renovation, getting the storage space right is essential. You don’t want to not have enough, but you don’t want it taking up too much either. So here are the basic guidelines on what to consider when deciding on things.

First, space has to be accessible. You don’t want to be looking for shampoo mid-shower and find that it’s out of reach.

Accessible and meant for daily use; those are the first keys. These areas may include things like the shampoo and the toothbrush, the razor and the hairdryer. For this reason, you want them user-friendly and in an area that is well-lit.

These should be easy to grope around in, so probably no barriers and nothing hazardous. You don’t want to have to put on your glasses or contact lenses during a bath just to see where the conditioner is.

However, not all storage areas are like that. Items that don’t see regular use should be stored separately.

Things like pore-unclogging facial strips, hair scrunchies for various purposes, and beard trimmer shouldn’t be mixed in with the items that see use daily. These shouldn’t be within easy reach, but still accessible without too much hassle.

A box-like structure is probably best for these. Typically, people put these under the sink or on the toilet tank. Sometimes they’re in cabinets.

Finally, if you have items that don’t see a lot of use, accessibility is less of a concern.

You place these storage areas where you’d need to bend, stretch, or ask for someone taller to reach them. This is because you don’t need these often enough to put them anywhere more accessible.

These are where you put things like gold-flecked makeup or the foot massage machine your father only remembers exists when the cold makes his back flare up. If you use the item about twice a year or less, you can get away with keeping them in a more remote storage area.

If your bathroom is small enough, you might even consider putting them outside of it. After all, if they don’t see regular use, you don’t want them taking up space that could be used elsewhere.

Now, for better space management, think about cutting away any clutter. Throw away things like sample packets and old cosmetics you don’t use anymore. This clears up a lot more room.

Perfume loses potency after three years – any bottles that old should go. Don’t keep liquid and cream foundations for longer than about six months, to prevent bacterial growth. Throw out old makeup, as this can cause eye infections.

Finally, anything wax-based is a bad idea because it crumbles. Toss them out after a year.

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