When doing work on the bathroom for house renovations, one thing people tend to ignore until later is the budget. This is a mistake! Budgeting should be one of the main considerations for bathroom work because it can run up a high cost if you’re not careful.

There are so many tasks that cutting up your budget can be a challenge. So read on and get a rough guide on where the money will end up going. And which areas might cost you more than you think.

First, a quick fact. The bathroom is the most renovated room in the average home. It’s also the space that’s most likely to inflate the budget, sometimes by a factor of five times the original amount. This makes it important to know how to properly budget for the baths.

It also helps you decide where you splurge, or where to skip on the cash.

First, there’s the tiling. Every bathroom will include tiles. Usually along the floor or walls, but a fancy border isn’t unheard of too. Most tiling crews will provide a quote for the whole thing or a rate based on the area covered.

The rate will include labour, preparation, and basic materials like grout. However, the tiles are their own separate cost. This can be problematic if you don’t know this. The more complex the pattern you want (like a mosaic), the more it’ll eat at your budget.

Plumbing is also a major bit of work. If your renovation needs to move things like pipes around, that can get expensive in a hurry. However, if you’re going at it without any major changes, you can probably get it under $1,000 in total.

The rule here is that the more you move around, the higher the cost.

Electrical can be a big hole in the budget or barely a dent. It depends on what you’re having installed.

For instance, new exhaust fans, downlights, and safety switches all require an electrician. If you’re getting new ones put in, that’s money being spent. The rate won’t include any parts or complex wiring that needs to be done, either.

Now, why would you want to spend more on electrical wiring if existing stuff does the job? Well, you might want underfloor heating.

Finally, some folks end up splurging a lot of on fixtures and fittings. These are great, but the cost can add up to about half of your total budget. That is a lot of money, especially if you go for the razzle-dazzle approach rather than something practical.

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