When facing down bathroom renovations Perth, you likely have a number of decisions that need making. One of these is going to be what tiles you’re going to use.

Tiles can set the tone for the entire bathroom. It is what finishes off the space, and often is what someone entering it will notice first. That means that care should be taken in selecting tiles. You’re going to live with the mistake for a long time, after all. Choose wisely.

Let us help! Here are a few guidelines on how to pick the right tiles.

Guidelines for Tile Selection

First, choose the “wow factor.” What do you want to catch the eye when you first walk inside?

Do you want to emphasize the gorgeous shower enclosure? Is your centrepiece a freestanding tub? Is there a stunning antique vanity you want to put front and centre? Any of these can be a consideration. Pick a “wow factor” and use the tile to make that stand out.

The next step is to choose a stand out tile. This is usually easy. You’ve probably found a pattern or colour you like, or maybe a shape that just appeals to you.

From there, you’ll also want to pick out tiles to add accent.

Choosing too many bold tiles will create a disorganized, chaotic look. Having accents will help areas you want to stand out do so more effectively.

You should also take time to choose what your floor tiles will be.

Floor tiles should be used to act as a complement to the highlights. In general, these should be simpler than the ones on the walls. You might be able to insert a little wow by using a patterned floor, but it might be a little much for some people’s tastes.

Another thing to consider would be the size of the tiles against the size of the room itself.

In general, a small bathroom is best combined with smaller tiles. This is ideal for complementing each other, so medium-sized tiles also go with a medium-sized room. However, mosaic tiles can also be great for small rooms.

Finally, think about the “texture” of the room. This is a little more nebulous.

If you’re looking to create the feel of a spa, then you could look to natural colours and designs. Materials could also be natural as well, like stone, slate, or travertine. You can also use natural wood or similar materials to help push that same texture.

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