Bathtubs are big. There’s really no getting around it. They take up a lot of space, even in their simplest forms. This can make fitting one in a small bathroom renovation a challenge. If space is narrow and confined, just how do you fit a tub into it comfortably?

The answer to that is that you can fit a great number of things. There are just a few things that you should keep in mind during the decision-making part of the process.

Things to Consider

First, you should take the time to think about who is using the bathtub.

Ask yourself if it’ll be used by adults most of the time, or if children are a priority. Is it going to be used solo, or is there a need for two people to fit at once? Also consider things like accessibility features like grab rails and non-slip bottoms, if you have a disabled person who might use it.

Just how small can you make the tub? That’s a fascinating question.

It is possible to scale down a tub, and you can get one as small as you like. However, there are a few guidelines to keep in mind.

First, you want to avoid anything that’s too skinny. If the room is narrow, you might be tempted to get something narrow. Be sure to avoid one that’s both narrow and shallow, because that makes it hard to use for soaking.

Another practical consideration is room. Can you even fit in the tub?

What fits best when it comes to the layout of your bathroom? This is also a major consideration.

Take your time with this one. In a tight space, you don’t have much room – physically or otherwise – for error. Plot out the dimensions of the floor. You want to have clearance for the door to open and space under the window.

Try to see if you can move around by using a table as a substitute. This should help you get an idea of what it’d be like to move around once the tub has been installed.

Another thing to think about is the shape of the tub. If you’re looking at a three-walled alcove, a rectangular shape is the most likely. However, in a smaller space, you might look at more “out there” alternatives.

A corner tub that’s built to fit tight spaces could be a good idea, for instance. They’re usually built with an “apron” in the design, or can be sold as an insert. This adds extra inches, but they’re an excellent choice for smaller rooms.

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