The bathtub isn’t a universal fixture. Not every bathroom has space for one. However, for people who want one or are renovating a bathroom to incorporate a new one, it’s a great luxury to have. The trick is to get the right kind of bathtub.

There are a few factors about bath selection that are evident. People want one that fits the space of their bathroom. They’d want one that can be positioned so that it fits with existing pipes if there wasn’t one built into the room.

There are two primary considerations. The first is material and the second is style.

Fiberglass is lightweight and the least expensive. The problem is that it scratches easily and usually won’t last more than a decade. An acrylic finish can prolong things, but not if the tub sees a lot of abuse.

Porcelain-enameled steel is a low-cost, smooth finish. As a bonus, it’s easy to clean and durable.

Acrylic is an interesting choice. It offers a lot of durability and is in the mid-range, regarding price. It is also superior to fibreglass in most ways. They only come in one colour, but this can be advantageous. Scratches are harder to see in solid colour tubs.

Finally, cast iron with an enamel coating is a classic. It will last as long as the house, in most cases. However, it is also cumbersome even before the water. You don’t want this used on upper floors.

From there, you need to consider the designs.

Standard tubs are called that because they’re the most common. Most of them are cast iron or fibreglass. When choosing one of these, pay particular attention to the location of the drain. These are left- or right-sided, and you need to make sure they match with your plumbing and shower.

Clawed-foot tubs are another alternative. Once again, these tend to be cast iron with porcelain enamel.

Freestanding tubs are not surrounded by cabinets or built into the room. It usually stands on its own feet, but may have custom-built panels and a deck. These are designed to be self-supporting.

A soaking tub is deeper and wider, sometimes big enough for two people. They come in a variety of styles, from Victorian to more modern. The weight can be significant, so they’re best used on the ground floor. Heating tends to be an issue as well.

Whirlpool tubs can be fun! With the plethora of options, you’re in for a long time of selection. The catch is that the maintenance is more intensive, as well as expensive.

Finally, you could go with a walk-in tub. These come in a variety of sizes and tend to be comfortable, chair-height, and with built-in grab bars.

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