One of the most important parts of any bathroom renovations Perth is the flooring.

The flooring is the unsung hero of the room because it takes a lot of punishment. Foot traffic, a lot of moisture, and potential damage all happen to it. The right flooring is integral.

The first rule, of course, is that the flooring must not be the same as the rest of the house. It has to be able to tackle something no other part of the home does. It has to survive to be tremendously wet on a regular basis.

Available Options

So let’s take a look at what the best options around are, so you can make your choice.

Porcelain or ceramic tiles are one of the most popular choices. They’re waterproof for the most part, cost-effective, and very stylish. There’s also a lot of options available.

The main advantage is that there’s so much out there. You have the ability to find the exact one you want if you take the time. This includes something that looks like stone or wood, along with a number of sizes and shapes on the market. You’ve got tons of options available.

Natural stone is also another choice. One that is expensive, but has many strengths.

Stone is hard. It’s tough. It’s durable. It has impressive resale value, compared to the other options out there. It’s also variable, with marble, limestone, and granite being just the most common. There are also very few moisture issues.

Vinyl is also out there on the market. It’s reasonably pleasing on an aesthetic level. However, the real edge here is the practicality it has among flooring options.

Using vinyl is a great DIY job if you have the time. There are also thousands of options out there since it’s popular. The price point isn’t very high either, so you’re not breaking the budget.

Engineered wood is also a good choice. It’s much better than ordinary wood in conditions with high moisture levels. Engineered wood uses plywood as the base, so it has the ability to handle the moisture. It also looks like authentic wood.

Finally, you can consider laminate as your flooring choice. This is better than solid hardwood as a flooring choice, due to the resin paper atop the base. Laminate is good in bathrooms if you take the time to protect the wood base from the moisture.

However, note that waterproof laminate isn’t a thing yet. If you want to protect it from water, you’ll have to figure it out yourself rather than get a pre-treated product.


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