On any bathroom remodel, if it’s your first time, you’re going to learn things. Actually, you’re prone to learning things the first time you do anything. Anyway. One of the biggest things you’ll learn if you start doing bathroom renovations Perth is caulking versus grouting.

Sometimes, the right thing to do is to use caulking. In other instances, grouting is the better call. What time is best for which option will vary based on the project. It’s also a terrible idea to use one when you should have used the other. So let us help you out!

First, we’re going to poke around and see the differences between these two sealant options.

We start with grout. Grout is a mix of water, cement, sand, and some colouring. Fine gravel might make its way in there, too. It’s used as a think emulsion that gets harder over time, similar in function and behaviour to mortar.

You basically want grout for keeping debris out of the spaces between tiles.

Cement grout is porous. To make it waterproof, you need to mix latex into it. It’s ideally used on the joints of the same plane, or in smaller spaces between tiles. Larger spaces aren’t usually ideal. It also can’t stick to the face of the tiling.

An alternative is the use of epoxy grout, which is tougher and can be used in corners. However, it’s not as flexible as caulk. It can prevent edges of tiles from cracking due to its properties.

In contrast, caulk is any material used to close seams or crevices. You’re using it to make something watertight or airtight.

Caulk is usually made of silicone, acrylic, or latex. It’s flexible, absorbs movement, and cracks less often than grouting. It’s also waterproof, making it great for things like bathrooms, showers, and windows.

Caulk adheres even without crevices, unlike grout. It’s also able to adhere to different surfaces, so you can mix glass and tile if that’s your thing. It’s also generally faster and easier to apply if you have a caulking gun handy. However, it’s not perfect.

It can dry out over time. It’s not an ideal replacement for grout because of this, particularly for bigger projects or installations.

Both can come in a variety of colours. However, if you are expecting an area to move – like a corner – use caulk. It’s also good if there is a point where the materials change. Otherwise, grouting is a valid choice.

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