“Smart” is a word that crops up a lot these days. It still has the traditional meaning, of course. However, it also tends to imply things that use technology. The latest tech trends, connectivity, and features are now what make things “smart.” It’s all computers and tech now, and that includes the bathroom.

Yes, these things exist. So before you dip into your next renovation, here’s a look at the features and ideas that define the smart bathroom.

Let’s begin with something that’s probably a dream fixture for a lot of folks: the self-cleaning toilet.

No one wants to get their hands dirty, especially when cleaning a toilet bowl. Well, smart bathrooms can now integrate self-cleaning designs to solve this issue. The degree of “smart” will vary from model to model. Some of them have touchless flushing features, while others have more than that.

You might find, for instance, automatic flushing systems. Many toilets have water-saving features built-in. Smart toilets also have heated seating and deodorizing. Built-in lights for times when there’s no light are also possible, with sensors to tell it when the lights are needed. You might even find air dryers.

Branching off from smart toilets is the idea of touchless tech.

Some bathroom fixtures like the lights have had sensors built into them for years now. Once upon a time, it was just a luxury to walk into a bathroom and have the lights fire up as you do. Now, it’s entirely possible.

Sensors can also be integrated into things like toilet seats, which will open or close as needed. Wireless or Bluetooth controls for faucets and flush kits are also possible and have been in use in Japan for many years now.

Upgrade that old weighing scale with new technology!

A smart scale can not only read your weight, but also provide estimates for overall body fat, water percentage, and other data. They can also be linked to fitness-tracking apps, providing a clearer, more comprehensive monitoring of your physical state.

Our personal favourite, however, has to be the emergence of the digital shower.

A shower that uses chromatherapy is a start, using light to relax you as you bathe. Another idea is to have smart systems that adjust the temperature, spray, and amount of water in conjunction with various settings you provide.

Taking a cue from Japan, you can also integrate entertainment into the shower. Bathroom speakers are just the start, too. You can also install TV panels so you can watch while in the bathtub or shower.

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