The vanity is a crucial part of any bathroom big enough to support it. They are a fixture that supports a number of functions, and it’s hard to imagine a good bathroom without one. Bathroom vanities Perth are a crucial part of a relaxed experience.

So when it comes to renovation and remodelling, it can be important to pay some attention to them. The problem is that sometimes, people may not have much of a clue on how to handle it. Well, here’s some idea on what you might do during that remodel.

First, try going with a smaller bath and a bigger presence of personality.

Most of the time, a small book in the bathroom can be designed to become a vanity. A wall-mount faucet can do well if you have a narrow space. Install some cute or unique towel hooks on the wall, since it adds a bit more personality and gives you easy access to washcloths for lack of counter space.

You should also consider mirrors.

Mirrors are great for small bathrooms, and especially vanities. They can be attractive and affect the balance of a room to give it the illusion of greater space. The light bounces off these reflective surfaces. This effect is even more pronounced if you place it behind doors or open shelves.

Another idea is to use the concept of open storage for your vanities.

Make use of all the available space. This is important in the bathroom, but even more so with the smaller ones you sometimes find. Consider the corner for the place of the vanity, which can offer a little extra space. Keep this from being dark by using a lighter-coloured and open unit.

Try something that looks more built-in, rather than installed.

If you can’t have a large linen closet and lack funds for something built-in, try a turnaround. Use a small stretch of wall into something that performs the storage function. This gives a colourful approach, a furniture-style look that can handle storage and flow with your movement.

If you’re interested, you could also take a more nautical feel and theme to the design.

A wall-mount sink that’s meant to appear like it’s floating and lending an airy look can free up vital floor space. If the bathroom is meant to be shared, a basin that’s got two or three faucets with a “floating” mirror above. Use a stool if you have smaller children in the home.

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