Small bathroom renovations Perth can be a challenge. The lack of space means that you’ve got an extra constraint on top of the placement of pipes. Without much room to expand or move around, it can make the remodelling very difficult.

However, it’s a challenge, not an impossibility. You can get a lot out of even a small bathroom space, as long as you know what you’re doing.

Here’s some advice on getting the most out of your small bathroom renovations Perth.

Lighting is important. You can give the illusion of more space with the use of proper lighting and placement of mirrors. When you can, use natural lighting without sacrificing privacy.

A small bathroom can be accentuated and adjusted using a vanity.

Making a vanity serve as focal point of Perth bathroom renovations can help. It makes the lack of space much less noticeable. Use a furniture-style vanity with a sunken white sink, so it feels elegant without taking up too much space.

Go with glass enclosures. Other enclosure types tend to project the image of taking up a lot of space. For small bathroom renovations Perth, this can be damaging. Use glass instead, since it doesn’t evoke this feeling.

The fixtures should be selected for space, not the other way around.

Sinks, faucets, bathtubs, and the like should all be scaled down. There should be enough room that you don’t feel constrained, but also smaller so you’re not wasting space. It’s a delicate balance that any bathroom designer will tell you can vary from room to room.

When possible, use existing space for storage.

This includes putting towel holders behind the bathroom door. Or you can integrate storage for things like shampoo and soap into the wall itself, rather than a separate enclosure. If you can, have fixtures do double-duty, like having the vanity mirror also be a small cabinet.

Shelves are great. Consider them. Placing them can be a fun way to add storage and save space at the same time.

Another way to distract from the lack of space is the use of a bold colour.

A strong shade of blue against the white floor, for instance, can make the room pop. It keeps you focused on the choice of colour, so your mind isn’t processing the lack of space. It also makes the aesthetics much stronger.

Keep the countertop clutter-free. Nothing says “cramped” more than a cluttered counter.

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