So you want to renovate your bathroom. It can be a worthwhile project, making the use of the room feel more comfortable. You can even add value to your property, with the right touches and tasteful changes. However, there are so many things to remember too.

Here’s a quick and dirty list of all the things you need to keep in mind before hammers start swinging.

Professionals should always be your first recourse.

They are professionals and can charge money to do the renovations for a reason. The reason is that they have the experience, the expertise, and the tools to do it. They also have more manpower than you do and may have connections that can reduce the cost of some materials.

Your choice of tiles will be determined first by what matters more to you.

Do you want a floor that is easy to clean? Go for glazed or porcelain tiles, skip the limestone. If you want one that’s not slippery when wet, textured surfaces, matte finishes, or glazes containing sand are the priority. Small tiles with grout lines are also an alternative.

For caulk, the best advice is for something easy to remove.

An acrylic or hybrid formula base can be removed without the use of harsh chemicals. This makes it easier to replace when you inevitably need to do exactly that. Mildewcide is important since offers five years of protection at a minimum.

Be sure to check building codes.

In some cases, you can get away with an eleven-square-foot space for a half-bath. However, this is not very comfortable. Be sure to check measurements for not only your comfort but also what local ordinances require. You might be surprised.

How old is the bathroom? If it’s been in place since before the Second World War, you might want to invest in new electrical wiring.

Old wiring has likely seen a lot of abuse. They were never meant to handle the strain caused by modern technology. Replace the outlets and wires with more modern ones, especially if you use a lot of things like electric razors and hair dryers.

Check the height of accessories.

You want things like towel racks and robe hooks to be accessible, but not too low or too high. Some things, like soap dishes, need to be placed comfortably within reach if you have a bathtub, but not too low that you can’t get to it if you’re standing up.

Mark potential areas with painter’s tape. This will help you get a feel for placement without doing any damage or work.

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