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Bathroom Renovations Perth
Bathroom Renovations Perth


One of the biggest parts of our kitchen and bathroom renovation business is the residential space.

Renovating private bathrooms WA, whether it’s installing a feature or doing some re-tiling, is something we have years of experience doing.

One of the biggest reasons we are the best for renovating bathrooms Perth is that we take our commitment seriously. Give us a schedule, and we’ll be there on time, or early, so we can do our work without giving you any additional hassle.

Yes, we do cheap bathroom renovations Perth. However, we also make sure that we bring excellent ideas to the table. We do research on the possible options and the most reliable suppliers, whether it’s fixtures or tiles.

However, if you have a provider you’d prefer to deal with, we are willing to accommodate your choice. If you already have all the materials and are looking for a labor-only bathroom renovation, we don’t mind.

Whether it’s re-tiling, outfitting an outdoor bathroom, or in need of bathroom renovation ideas, you’ll find us ready and willing to help.

Demolition is also something we can help with, taking down an existing bathroom. While you might try to do this yourself, it’s better that professionals do this.

For your convenience, we also have a specialised team for asbestos removal. If your space has asbestos, it needs to be cleaned and contained before any bathroom renos happen. All material is disposed of or dumped responsibly, so there’s no impact on the environment.

Don’t hesitate to consult us for things like colours, design options, and even materials for your next residential bathroom renovation.

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