Small Bathroom Renovations Ideas


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Bathroom Renovations Perth
Bathroom Renovations Perth


“I think my bathroom is too small for that.”

These words have been the death of many bathroom renovation ideas. Many people believe that even if they can afford bigger budget bathroom renovations Perth, space itself is limited. Bathroom renos, in their mind, take up a lot of space.

This idea is a common misconception. The truth is that unless your bathroom is about the size of a cubicle in a commercial space, there are many bathroom ideas Perth that can fit! In fact, small bathroom renovations Perth are something we have experience handling.

One idea that you’ll see in a lot of bathroom Osbourne Park is adding storage. It is also one of the many cheap bathroom renovations Perth.

Floating shelves, storage ladders, and even sink skirts can add flair, style, and practicality. Wooden crates that can be stacked or drilled into the wall are also ideal for accessible storage without eating up too much space.

Functionality is also important. In fact, adding functionality to form is a common idea for both kitchen and bathroom renovation.

Small rooms tend to get cluttered faster, or at least look that way. A counter to this tendency is to use floating shelves for storing little things, like cotton balls.

Minimise counter space by storing personal products, rather than displaying them. Picking out a model of the sink that doesn’t reach all the way to the floor also opens that space up.

Finally, have you considered colours?

Everyone who looks at bathroom showrooms Perth looks at the fixtures and amenities. No one ever seems to pay that much attention to the change that eats the least space: colour schemes. A great new colour scheme can completely modify the mood of a bathroom.

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