The bathroom is a personal sanctuary. It’s that place where we tackle our most private biological needs, as well as have time to relax. It’s the room in the house where we can meditate and consider things. It’s a private area, providing the peace of mind that we need to get through the day.

It should, therefore, come as no surprise that bathroom renovations Perth can be involved. Even the smallest bathrooms might be redone to better suit the owner’s tastes.

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Anyway, back on topic. The bathroom redesign to a more private, relaxed space is one that’s taking the world by storm. Here are a few keen ideas on how to improve your overall bathroom experience and make it a more comfortable place to enter.

Remember to make efficient use of the space available. Efficiency is king.

Smaller but more artful or feature-filled toilets are going to be a good choice. Unique but small sink bowls are probably a good idea, too. This allows you to have a sense of luxury in the room. At the same time, it means you’re not spending your “space budget” on them.

Walk-in showers are also a great way to open up space while retaining functionality.

Add shelving instead of cabinets, since these give you storage options without needing more room. If they’re floating, it also keeps the illusion of greater room present. You can do this same trick with the vanity, in fact.

You can take a lesson from the Japanese and deploy high-tech toilets.

The same old mechanisms have been in place in the toilet in most any country. However, if you’re looking for cutting-edge tech there, look to Japan. From things like seat warmers to automatic lid openers, technology can add a luxury touch.

They also have music players that turn on when the lid is opened, adjustable air dryers, automatic bidets, and even built-in deodorizers.

It all comes down to the Japanese cultural love of cleanliness. They want to minimize unpleasant or potentially unclean contact in the toilet, such that bathing areas will be separate in a typical Japanese home. The result is that you’re getting some great tech solutions you never knew you wanted.

In terms of visual trends, gold plumbing is making waves in design circles. Warm gold, in particular, is used to add depth and luxury feel to space. Use these in fixtures like faucets.

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