If you’re renovating a bathroom, it might surprise you to learn that you might want to look at trends in design. Yes, bathroom design has trends. Try to not be too surprised by this. Fashion and trending are things that creep into all sorts of places, including bathroom design.

So before sending you out into the cold without warning, let’s take a moment. Here are a few bathroom renovation ideas based on the trends of 2018!

First, let’s look at the old and traditional use of ceramics and marble.

These two have been around for very long. Ceramic tiles are the most popular way to cover the floor of the shower, with porcelain being a great choice. Newer designs tend towards the use of geometric patterns, tone on tone, and patchwork. Not all at once, of course.

You might also look into tile that imitates the look of wood or marble. Natural stones are also a good idea, with marble being a mainstay and quartz being the in-thing.

One trend that’s all the rage these days is having a bathroom that “grows.”

The idea is that the bathroom is a space to relax, as well as taking care of hygienic needs. It’s where you can be comfortable and fresh before you face the world. In other words, they’re starting to take up more space than just what’s necessary.

Expanding it can take a bit of demolition work, but if you have unused space, you should make the attempt. It can add space for other features, including more storage space for bathroom essentials. Or just providing you with more room as you go about your business.

Practical storage is also important. The current ideal is to have more space, whether its drawers, cabinets, or shelves. They’re becoming more integral to a bathroom, though you can’t just place them anywhere. They have to “flow” with the rest of the space, so they’re not in the way.

A cleaner space is important, too. The cleaner space is, the bigger it feels. Storage plays a part in this since it puts clutter out of the way visually but still within reach if needed.

Finally, go with style but don’t forget to add a touch of yourself. There’s always something you can do that adds a personal element to even a “pure” style approach. Maybe you can splash a little of your favourite colour onto the white and earth tones, creating a look that’s “You.”

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