If you have the space for it, one of the best luxuries and bathroom renovation ideas you can have is to make way for a new bathtub. A tub is one of those rare luxuries that are affordable (relatively speaking) and are supremely comfortable.

A bathtub takes up space, sure. But if you can afford it, it’s one of the best creature comforts available. However, just what bathtub should you go with on your renovation? Well, don’t feel lost. Let us help you find out!

Well, let’s look at the traditional one first. A stone tub.

Okay, so a porcelain tub is the one that people associate most with the bathtub. However, stone is the most traditional material. A deep-soaking tub can be the star of a bathroom. If you can get matching vanities and flooring to better frame what you have.

If you have a contemporary bathroom, a freestanding tub is a good choice.

A serene master bathroom designed for relaxation is the ideal of the contemporary style. If you’ve gone one of these, surround the tub with smooth stones. Have a wall-mounted shelf nearby for floor space, and maintaining the open feel. If you want to, have a window for natural light.

Another alternative for the contemporary style is a bathroom with a view.

For this, you’ll need angular, freestanding tub designs. It helps make it more of a focal point and give the space a “retreat” feel. Matching cabinetry is a must, along with black granite for countertops. From there, add a beautiful arched window so you can relax and look outside as you bathe.

Try a more rustic design with a red vanity and a “cowgirl” feel.

What you want for this one is a more ornate but rustic feel. Fringed shower curtains, patterns on the wallpaper that evoke the Old West. A distressed red vanity adds a special touch with the beadboard wainscoting. Finally, granite countertop adds a more classic accent to all of it.

If you’ve ever been to a spa, you know there’s a certain feeling that comes with space. There’s a sense of luxury and relaxation that’s hard to match.

If you’re doing a renovation, you can try for that tranquil spa feeling. Having a window over the tub simulates the great amount of natural light, but also gives you a great view. Soothing colours like whites and greens, along with little touches like natural materials and plenty of neutral colours.

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